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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oregon Coast Afghan

This Oregon Coast Afghan is my latest finished project. I saw it in a book and just had to make it. Although the whole afghan is only repeating a single row basically over and over, I had the worst time getting started as it just didn't seem as if it was going right until I got about 4 rows done and then it started looking like the picture.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I crocheted it using luxurious chenille yarns in Terra Cotta and a Speckled Brown that are so soft you would not believe it. It measures 41" x 60". I truly love the colors, the feel of the afghan and would keep it for myself if it matched my decor however it unfortunately does not. You would not believe the rich look of the afghan until you actually see it. The pictures just do not do it justice. Also please note that the top pictures are closer to the actual color, the picture on the sofa is somewhat dark so it does not show the true colors.

Black & Gray Ripple

This ripple is made from the Lionbrand Thick & Quick Chenille. I cannot imagine why they discontinued the gray color called Flannel as it is almost silvery and looks beautiful combined with the black.

Previously Completed Projects

Previously Completed Projects: If you would like to see some of my recently completed projects these are links to them: Frosty's Chenille Pet Cushion: Turquoise Shawl/Lapghan: Maxi's Cushion: Kayla's Kaliedoscope Afghan: Lisa Suede Afghan: Mom's Chenille Afghan: Martha Poncho: Andrea's Wine Afghan: Turquoise & Black Afghan Link: Black & Desert Link: The final project listed is my afghan that Lionbrand used in one of their newsletters. Gina

Monday, December 17, 2007

Marine Blue Mistake

This was the first ripple afghan I made using the Marine Blue Chenille Thick & Quick. Although this afghan did not turn out as planned, these photos show the color much better than the other post. I do not know if I got some defective yarn or somehow messed up and used hot water in the washing of it when completed but the yarn seemed to stretch and wound up with big loops everywhere. I took it to show my Mom and was ready to pitch the thing as I was so dissapointed in the outcome. However my friend, Mahsa, loved the afghan and said since she wasn't a crocheter, she would have assumed I made it that way on purpose as she loved it. So I gave it to her. She has since written me that numerous people have asked her how she made it.

Aunt Mary's Simply Soft Shells

This is an afghan I made for my Aunt Mary for her birthday. I prefer to use the chenille yarns but she lives in a nursing home and needed a yarn that was easier to maintain. Her last chenille one was ruined by the staff not washing it correctly. This was made using 2 strands of Simply Soft and turned out to be a very warm, soft and machine washable afghan. The close up is the closest to the actual color of the yarn.

Mom's Scarlet Shells

This is an afghan I made for my Mom using Lionbrand's Scarlet Chenille Thick & Quick Yarn. Once again my pictures came out too dark and the beauty of the Scarlet color is not clear. However this makes a beautiful afghan for those who love red. I was tempted to keep it myself but it was Mom's birthday and she had asked for this color so I sent it to her. I made another afghan using the same pattern and Forest Green Chenille Thick & Quick that came out gorgeous too and very warm and soft. I love using this yarn because of it's softness and because with it's thickness, it works up very quickly.

Marine Blue Ripple

This is a different ripple pattern using Lionbrand's Marine Blue Chenille Thick & Quick yarn. The pictures came out to dark but it is truly a beautiful color and came out very soft and warm. The closest to the true color is the close up.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sam - My Lost Baby

I had a wonderful gift in Sam. He was a joy to me for nearly 12 years. I lost him last week due to cancer. My world is just not the same anymore. It is hard to imagine how much a cat has an effect on your every day life. But Sam was always larger than life. I believe he saw himself as a panther when he looked in the mirror as he was always fearless. He could be aggressive when necessary but also was the most sensitive and loving cat I have ever been around. If I was ever upset, raised my voice or cried, Sam came running to the rescue and would rub my face with his until he thought I was okay. He isn't here to rub my face now as the tears fall while I try to type this. I hope everyone is blessed with an animal or a friend that means as much to them as Sam did to me.
The pictures I am posting are when he was well and weighed in at 25 lbs or more. At the end, he probably only weighed about 5 or 6 lbs. but he still showed his affection right up to the end. He will be forever missed and irreplaceable.

Purple Passion Ripple

This is an afghan that my sister asked me to make for a friend who loves purple. It is made with Lionbrand Chenille Thick & Quick so it worked up very quickly and is very soft.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bold Star Shaped Afghan

This star shaped afghan is made with Lion Brand's Chenille Thick & Quick Yarn. It is incredibly soft and quite different looking. I think it may be one of the most unique afghans I have ever made. It measures approximately 76 inches from point to point. It would make a beautiful focal point to the decoration of any room.I only wish the pictures could better show the beauty of the colors. I tried with the closeups but they just don't compare to seeing it in person.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baby Shell Afghan

Any baby that receives this will look wonderful and stay quite warm in this variegated baby shell afghan. It should keep them quite warm since it was crocheted using two strands of a sparkly variegated yarn and a sparkly white. The measurements are 40" x 43". If you are interested in purchasing this baby blanket, you may do so at my store site:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Suede Waterlillies Sweater Jacket

This is a sweater I crocheted from a combination of two patterns. I used Lionbrand Waterlillies Suede yarn which makes a very comfortable, soft and warm sweater/jacket.