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Crochet Crafts that I would like to share with others and see their projects.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ray's Ripple

This is an afghan that my Mom asked me to make for her neighbor, Ray. He does lots of favors for her, liking letting out her dog when she has to work late, and she wanted to give him something for them. I thought about keeping it since it went really well with my black leather recliner however that was the only piece of furniture it went well with. Hope he enjoys it. It is also made from the Lionbrand Thick & Quick Chenille. I cannot imagine why they discontinued the gray color called Flannel as it is almost silvery and looks beautiful combined with the black.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crocheted Purple Passion

This is an afghan I just finished crocheting done in Lionbrand's Chenille Thick & Quick, Dark Purple, Amethyst Print and Antique White. The finished dimensions are 48" x 52". This is one I will sell for $150.00. It is just a shame not to be able see these in person. One cannot tell how rich the colors look or feel the softness of the item just by the pictures.